The activities of the platform IDB - Infrastructure Distributed for Biology- are related to scientific computing in Biology. The platform is associated to different Research Infrastructures at French and European levels such as French RENABI-IFB, European infrastructure ELIXIR, French IDG or EGI. For example we are dealing with large-scale bioinformatics applications, big data in Biology and scientific gateways. We have acquired knowledge and developed expertises on different technologies such as grid and cloud computing.

IDB is maintaining several bioinformatics resources available to the scientific community. First of them is a repository of differents public biomolecular databases (see item 'Databases'). We are also providing scientists with several standard and in-house bioinformatics tools integrated through Web services and portal interfaces (see item 'Tools').

We have setup in 2011 a public cloud devoted to Biology to act as an experimental bioinformatics cloud. This innovative computing resource is available to scientists to either have a first experiment with a cloud infrastructure or to run their biological analyses on a porwerful platform (900 CPU cores and 4 TB of memory, see item 'Cloud' for details).

We have been at the initiative in 2007 and since its creation leading the bioinformatics grid infrastructure RENABI GRISBI (Grid, Support for Biology - GRISBI is a joined infrastructure between nine French bioinformatics centers, collaborating in the context of the national RENABI network ( The goal of GRISBI is to mutualize the computing resources of these bioinformatics centers in a distributed Research Infrastructure devoted to Bioinformatics. IDB is providing other national bioinformatics centers with its expertise about grid computing (see item ' Grid computing'). GRISBI has been labelled and got a financial support during 2008-2010 from the national IBISA Research Framework.

Since 2001, we have participated to several European projects relative to distributed computing infrastructure involving Biology as a potential scientific application, for example the European Network of Excellence EMBRACE (, the EGEE projects ( and more recently the StratusLab European project (EU FP7, 2010-2012,

Platform IDB is currently participating to the creation of the French Institue of Bioinformatics (financially supported by the national program 'Investissement d'Avenir' 2011) and the French project MapReduce (ANR ARPEGE, 2010-2013,

Members :
  • Christophe BLANCHET (Principal Investigator, CNRS IBCP FR3302)
  • Clément GAUTHEY (ANR ARPEGE MapReduce 2010-2013 project)
  • Simon MALESYS (Master Internship 2013)

Contact: , +33 (0)4 72 72 26 71